Daily Prompt: Almost

via Daily Prompt: Almost



This is very common word used by almost all of us. Yes did you just notice I used the word almost unintentionally. Intentionally or unintentionally, we all are using this word in our day to day life. But we never paid that much attention.

See below screenshot. I got this in word press itself while trying to publish this post. You noticed something interesting about this.

Yes you got it right. It has the word almost which is theme of this post and today’s one word challenge. 


We say this when we are close to achieve something but we miss that. We almost did it.

We were so close to get that thing but we just missed it. In our imagination, we almost can travel all our the world. We can achieve almost everything.

This word comprises everything in imagination but nothing in reality. But it gives us strength and belief to follow particular direction to achieve our dream.
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